On 29 November 2018 Delphy, Hagranop and HAK Schoffeltechniek are organising the thirdBiotechniekdag (Organic technology day)! The Biotechniekdag last year, was a great success. In one afternoon and evening over 400 visitors from home and abroad visited the event. The majority of them were organic arable farmers.

During the third Biotechniekdag technology for organic arable and vegetable farming will be in the spotlights. As organisation we are keeping strict terms to show an interesting variety in machinery. The Biotechniekdag is aiming explicitly at organic farmers and farmers who are seriously interested in machinery for organic farming.

For this target audience the Biotechniekdag offers great possibilities to see the most important machinery developments for organic arable and vegetable farming, and offering a great place to meet friends and new colleagues from home and abroad. From this year onwards more international organic farmers will be invited, making this an event of and for organic farmers.

Biotechniekdag in short

Location: Firma Hagranop, Westermeerweg 17, 8309 PZ, Tollebeek, the Netherlands
Datum: 29 November 2018, start 15.00 hour

  • For organic arable and vegetable farmers
  • International organic farmers are most welcome
  • Machinery specifically designed for organic (vegetable) crops. A critic mind is kept towards the novelty and nature of the machines on display.
  • Only real machinery is being shown. No stands with movie clips and posters.
  • During this day a tasteful BBQ is being held among the machinery and drinks for our guests are being taken care of.
  • Mention of your company and internet link on our central website: www.biotechniekdag.

In short: An interesting and sociable event for a specialist group of farmes!


Van der Valk – Emmeloord

Sporthotel Iselmar – Lemmer
Apollo Hotel – Lelystad





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